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Clockwork Cleanse 8 Pack Special
Clockwork Cleanse 8 Pack Special
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[100 capsules]
When we eat, our body converts digestible carbohydrates into blood sugar (glucose), our main source of energy. Our blood sugar level can affect how hungry and how energetic we feel, both important factors when we are watching how we eat and exercising. It also determines whether we burn fat or store it.

Our pancreas creates a hormone called insulin that transports blood sugar into our body's cells where it is used for energy. When we eat refined grains that have had most of their fiber stripped away, sugar, or other carbohydrate-rich foods that are quickly processed into blood sugar, the pancreas goes into overtime to produce the insulin necessary for all this blood sugar to be used for energy. After so many years of this abuse the pancreas can start to malfunction and always produce to much insulin which tells our body that plenty of energy is readily available and that it should stop burning fat and start storing it.

Regulating your blood sugar level is the most effective way to maintain your fat-burning capacity and that is exactly what Insutrim™ was formulated to do!

A Letter From A Client

All of my life I have been overweight. As a kid my favorite thing was soda and I drank a lot of it and even today it's my one vice. I tried all the fad diets and exercise programs and about anything else you could think of. I could never lose the weight, I would go up and down a little but never lose it and keep it off. I would stick to every program I tried but after months of hard work I just wouldn't see the results.

I went to the doctor and had my thyroid checked but it was fine, other than the fact that I was so overweight I was quite healthy. The doctor told me I probably just had a slow metabolism and the only way to increase it was eating right and getting exercise. So that is what I did and still I only achieved minimal weight loss.

As big as I was I was never a big eater, my skinny friends would eat and eat and never exercise and still not gain weight and if I ate half of what they did I would gain it! At one point I had pretty much given up, I was huge! I could barely reach my shoes to tie them, just getting up off the couch hurt, everything hurt, I couldn't sleep, I was depressed and embarrassed.

Then I seen something on TV that said scientist are finding that insulin and blood sugar levels have more to do with weight loss than metabolism. So I looked around and found Insutrim and thought why not try it, what can it hurt? All I can say is WOW! This stuff is amazing! I have lost over 60lbs. in 4 months. All I do is eat sensible portions of whatever I want, I still eat fast food once in a while and pretty much everything I have always ate (I still have to have my soda, just less of it). I do a cardio workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes. And take the Insutrim 3 times a day. I have tons of energy all day and sleep like a baby at night now, I feel better than I have ever felt! I'm not exaggerating when I say that this stuff probably saved my life. Thank You.

Insutrim™ is a combination of herbs to maintain your blood sugar levels and support healthy weight loss, without any negative side effects.
Insutrim™ will:
  • Help maintain and support proper blood sugar levels by improving pancreas function.
  • Promote healthy weight loss with no harmful side effects
  • Help your body support glucose metabolism and sensitivity
  • Allow you to enjoy better overall health

Metabolism.... Insutrim is an all-natual supplement, it supports healthy glucose metabolism. As Americans we are at a higher risk of weight problems due to high blood sugar from a malfunctioning pancreas. Proper insulin levels will support your body's ability to maintain healthy blood sugar, weight control and a healthy body mass.

Energy Levels.... Insutrim helps promote conversion of sugars to energy instead of fat. Losing the weight and actually keeping it off can finally be a reality!

Healthy Weight Loss.... Insutrim contains all-natural herbal ingredients, to be safe and effective.
Finally reach your weight loss goals! If your blood sugar is not regulated, it's not your fault that you can't lose weight. You can eat right and exercise and still never achieve your weight loss goals.

Juniperus Monosperma, Zhi Gan Cao, Chittem Bark, Prunella Vulgaris, Hydrastis Canadensis, Capsicum, Lobelia.

As A dietary supplement, take 2 to 3 capsules 20 minutes before each meal.
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Customer Reviews
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So I have only been taking the Insutrim for a few weeks now but I have noticed a big difference. I have not been eating nearly as much as I normally do, I just don't get cravings for anything. So I only eat when I'm hungry and not because I'm craving something. I've already lost 5 pounds and I really haven't changed anything I've been doing. I have also noticed I have more energy, I don't get that run down feeling in the evenings and I haven't been as moody as I normally am. So far I am very impressed with this product.
Kelly - New York, NY          
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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